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Our goal is simple.

  We're on a mission to build the worlds simplest products that produce powerful results.

Peter Day

Peter is an amazing developer with passion and pride in what he creates. Peter has developed both the Quuu apps and SocialChief.

Matthew Spurr

Matthew is the Co-Founder and CMO of Quuu. A seasoned professional across business and marketing.

Daniel Kempe

Daniel is the Co-Founder and CEO of Quuu. Social media and content marketing professional.

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The company

Seasoned service providers.

It's time to offer our own scheduling tool that works perfectly with Quuu
Quuu has relied on integrations with other services like Buffer and Hootsuite to handle the scheduling, but now, it's time to offer this ourselves with SocialChief
We've supported over 100,000 customers at Quuu & Quuu Promote
Over the last 5 years
We've shared over 20 million content suggestions with the world
Across Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter
Brief History of Quuu Limited

We're just getting started.

Launched Quuu
November 2015
Just before Quuu was about to launch, Buffer decided to stop providing content suggestions for their users, which gave Quuu the perfect opportunity to fill that need.
Launched Quuu Promote
January 2016
After such a successful start to Quuu, we had an amazing network of sharers which meant we could turn on Quuu Promote allowing content creators to promote their content to Quuu sharers.
Launching SocialChief
Quuu has always relied on other tools, like Hootsuite and HubSpot to share the content we suggest, but now, with SocialChief, we can provide this service ourselves.
Daily content suggestions
Average per day shared to our network
Active users
On average daily active users sharing content
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